Created in 2012 after two years of working and training together in the School of Circus and Theater of Granada (CAU). Vol'e Temps is a trio of artists of different backgrounds and disciplines and consists of Albert Moncunill Ferrer (Igualada), Dario Dumon Swinkels (Granada) and Sara Ortiz (Narbonne, France)..

In 2013, they completed their first artist-in-residency, creating the first version of their show "Del Otro Lado" ("From The Other Side") with the direction of Anthony Mathieu (France).

Following this first work, they won several awards:

Lunathica Festival, in Nole (ITALY).

- 1st Prize.

Street Artist Competition in Aranda de Duero:

- 1st Prize from the judges.
- 1st Prize from the public.

logo Vol´E Temps compañia

En 2014, they began a second artistic residency, also with director Anthony Mathieu, with the objective of finishing the creative process. The definitive version of the show "Mundos de Papel" ("Worlds of Paper") premiered in June 2014 in the Circada Festival in Seville.

En June 2014, they won the contest of the "Sul Filo del Circo" Festival (On The Edge of Circus Festival) organized by the Vertigo School of Torino.

After winning this prize, they began a coproduction with the Vertigo School.

Vol'e Temps is a company in a continuous process of investigation and renovation, which combines experience and professionalism with the freshness gained through street performances throughout Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy.

Vol'e Temps aims to showcase and make circus known as a contemporary language, alive and well-suited for storytelling.