Artistic Overview

  • Company: Vol’ e Temps
  • Show: Del Otro Lado
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Idea and creation: Vol’ e Temps
  • Set design: Vol’ e Temps
  • Artistic direction: Anthony Matthieu
  • Disciplines: Acrobatics, partner acrobatics, slack rope, object manipulation, theater and dance
  • Show: appropriate for all public

Technical Overview

Stage Space

- Show created for both indoor and outdoor performance.
(The company prefers an outdoor night schedule)


- 8m X 8m X 5m of height Even, flat floor, smooth and without any kind of imperfections.
(The company has a padded linoleum floor in case there is no possibility to act on the requested floor)

Material to be provided by the organization:

- Two anchor points for securing the structure.
The two anchor points must have a minimum distance between of 7m.
The company can take care of the anchor points.
220W outlet


- The company has a 600w sound system.


- Setup: 2 hours
- Take down: 30 mins

logo Vol´E Temps Del Otro Lado 2